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spookshowicons's Journal

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Spookshowicons - personal graphics community
          of detoxcocktails and crystalkirk

Providing you with icons, wallpapers, collages, headers, other larger graphics, tutorials, resources, requests, screencaps, scans, textures, brushes, patterns, gradients, other goodies, community pimpage, mood themes, fanfic...

... & anything else artistic and creative.
Welcome to spookshowicons. This is a personal graphics community owned and maintained by Crystal (crystalkirk) and Jessika (detoxcocktails). The purpose of spookshowicons is to share our icons and other graphics with everyone in the livejournal community. If you want to know about our lives, we suggest you friend our personal journals. This community is ONLY to house the following: icons, resources, wallpapers, headers, collages and other graphics, gradients, textures, brushes, patterns and other goodies, tutorials, and we'll take requests from time to time. Basically this is for everything we find artistic and creative.
Make sure you read EVERYTHING before you ask a question, take an icon or make a request. We've detailed everything for you very specifically and it's all organized.
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