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Okay, we'll try this again. For those who posted with photos, I apologize and hope that you'll comment again.

I'm taking requests. The lists below are really only what I'm interested in iconing right now, so please choose from those lists. Please comment with photos/screencaps; please make sure they're decent quality. If you don't comment with photos, I'll delete the comment. Thanks!

tv shows:
Arrested Development; Alias; Buffy; Angel; Firefly; Six Feet Under; Carnivale; Sex and the City; Entourage; Queer As Folk; Gilmore Girls; Roswell; Reno 911!; Dead Like Me.

The Boondock Saints; The Breakfast Club; Nightmare Before Christmas; Ed Wood; Reservoir Dogs; Kill Bill; Harry Potter; Sleepy Hollow; Silent Hill; Night of the Living Dead; Dawn of the Dead; Pirates of the Caribbean; Spiderman; X-men.

video games:
Silent Hill; Resident Evil.

Michael Madsen; Justin Theroux; Josh Holloway; Bryce Dallas Howard; Charlize Theron, Kristen Bell, Uma Thurman.

Nine Inch Nails; Marilyn Manson; Green Day; Rob Zombie.