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Welcome to the graphics journal of detoxcocktails and killprettyx.

Please read ALL the rules before looking through this journal.

Feel free to leave comments here if you have any questions and/or suggestions.
General Rules

Any questions/comments/suggestions regarding the rules should be left at this post and this post only. If you ask a question that's already been covered in one of the rules sections, your comment will be ignored. Please read the rules carefully before snagging anything and/or asking a question. Thank you.

1. Feel free to friend this journal. You cannot join and you cannot post. You can't apply for posting access. DO NOT request to join this community. It is CLOSED and can only be used by Jessika and Krissie.

2. We cannot teach you how to use PS, PSP or any other graphics program. There are communities that specialize in that kind of help, but you won't find it here. We will post tutorials, but we cannot sit down and teach someone how to make graphics like us. It takes time and practice and if you really want to learn, take a class or teach yourself.

3. We cannot teach you how to install programs into your computer. We cannot teach you how to upload a mood theme. If we post one, browse the LJ FAQ to find out how to install one. We won't teach you how to install brushes and gradients into your computer. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do that. Also, please don't request a tutorial. When we feel like posing one, we will. Don't badger us and ask when we're going to post icons/goodies etc. We're both busy and we're not robots. Have some patience.

4. Unless you're crediting for screencaps, scans or joint mood themes/icons (which will be specified and posted by the livejournal username jessika_krissie) DO NOT CREDIT SPOOKSHOWICONS. To give proper credit, please use our personal journal names: detoxcocktails for Jessika and killprettyx for Krissie. You can promote spookshowicons, but do not credit it unless specified in the particular post.

5. When taking goodies, please don't comment to every single post. It floods our mailboxes and isn't necessary. Go to ONE goodies post and comment, stating that you're taking a lot of goodies on previous posts.

6. If you'd like to affiliate with spookshowicons please comment to THIS POST ONLY. We're currently only looking to affiliate with other graphic journals.

7. We try to respond to everyone who comments but it's a bit difficult. If you don't hear from us, please don't be offended. If you asked a question, we'll answer it although it may take a few days. We appreciate everyone who comes here and likes/uses our work.

8. Please don't ask us what specific font/brush/etc. we used on an icon. We don't keep track, and all our credits are in the resource post, which can be found HERE. The font guide will be up soon and will consist of every font we use on our graphics.

9. If we offer mood themes, or open requests for headers/userinfo graphics, we ask that you kindly credit us in your userinfo and not in your resource post.

10. We will repeat this again. Collaborations, joint icons, screencaps, scans and anything else posted under the username jessika_krissie is the only time we ask you to credit spookshowicons. All seperate work is to be credited by the individual maker.

11. Regarding spoilers. Anything that has potential spoilers in it will contain a warning and we'll keep it under a cut. We consider 48 hours after a movie trailer has come out or an episode has aired a sufficient amount of time for someone in fandom to see an episode and after the 2 day period we can post whatever we want outside of a cut. We'll try our hardest to keep as much spoiler free, but we want to give fair warning.

Icons/Wallpapers/Headers Rules

1. Both Jessika and Krissie require credit when taking icons. Please credit our usernames and not spookshowicons. Credit in your keywords next to our icons.

2. Please comment and let us know what you think. We love feedback, both positive and negative. Please be respectful and give constructive criticism. Don't bash us for no reason, it's really immature and stupid. We require that you comment when taking an icon.

3. Textless icons ARE NOT bases for you to take and alter to your liking. If we have blanks of a certain icon and you'd like us to customize it for you, please comment to the post where the icon is and ask. We'd be more than happy to do it for you.

4. DO NOT HOTLINK. Hotlinking is stealing and it's wrong. If you don't know what hotlinking is, we suggest you go HERE and read up on it. Simply right-click on the icon and save it to your hard drive. It's that easy, we promise.

5. Unless personalized, all requested icons can be taken by ANYONE. For example, if killprettyx requests an icon from detoxcocktails, crystalkirk can come by and snatch it up at any time unless it has killprettyx or Krissie written on it.

6. When nominating our icons, please do not nominate spookshowicons. It's extremely confusing. Just use killprettyx or detoxcocktails when nominating one of us.

7. DO NOT take ANY of our graphics and pass them off as your own. It's disrespectful and fucked up. We both work very hard on our art and stealing is always 100% wrong. Plus you'll get caught and make a huge asshole out of yourself. Just don't do it.

8. Some of our icons may contain offensive language, sex, sexual content, blood, death, gore, and/or nudity. If you take offense to any of the above listed, do not look. Then go seek counseling because you have odd intimacy/life issues.

9. Wallpapers, collages and other larger pieces are for desktop use ONLY. Do not ask permission to take it and make a layout/header/textures/etc. from it. The answer is NO, NO, NO. We work too long and hard to have some lazy ass person come along and randomly cut up/alter our work.

10. Headers can be taken by anyone. If someone requests a header, we will put the person's LJ name on it and therefore it's for them only. But if we decide to make a bunch of general headers and post them, they can be snagged by anyone. Please credit us in your userinfo if you're using one of our headers. Credit the specific maker, either Jessika or Krissie. In the event that it's a collaboration header, then you may credit spookshowicons. Do not alter the headers. Do not ask if you can, the answer is NO. Do not hotlink the header. Save it to your hard drive and upload it somewhere.

Requests/Goodies/Tutorials Rules

Brushes, Gradients, Textures and Patterns
1. Please comment and let us know you took them.
2. Credit whoever made the goodies in your userinfo or resource post.
3. DO NOT redistribute them as your own. We work hard to make these things for you and expect you to be respectful.
4. DO NOT hotlink .jpg images or .zip files.
5. detoxcocktails' gradients are ALWAYS highest quality .jpg images. Simply download them and drag them into a folder. Then open your art program then click and drag the individual .jpg gradients into your program. Please stop asking her how to install them. It's explained right here. She doesn't make .abr images because not everyone uses PS and not everyone uses PSP.
6. All textures are made from stock images, all brushes are made by hand, all gradients are made using only PS defaults. Don't ask us how to make them.

Scans & Screencaps
1. Please credit spookshowicons if you take any scans or screencaps we have to offer.
2. Comment and credit in your userinfo or resource post.
3. DO NOT hotlink and do not claim the caps are your own. It takes a long time to make/post caps.

Mood Themes
1. Please credit either detoxcocktails or killprettyx, depending on who made the mood theme.
2. DO NOT hotlink and do not claim that the mood theme is your own.
3. Credit spookshowicons if the mood theme is made by both of us. If that occurs, we will post joint things under the username jessika_krissie. Do not ever credit jessika_krissie, credit spookshowicons.
4. If you don't know how to install a mood theme please go to icon_tutorial or the LJ FAQ. Don't ask us.

1. DO NOT ask us for something. We will open requests on our own time with our own terms.
2. You MUST reply to a request post only. We require you supply us with screencaps, photos, text, and any other specifications.
3. We take requests for headers, lj userinfo graphocs and icons. DO NOT ask us to make a mood theme or large extravagant wallscroll. We may also do wallpapers.
4. Credit is required and for headers/userinfo graphics credit is required in the userinfo.
5. We will specify what fandoms (etc.) we take requests for. If the request is something we're not aware of or don't care for, we have the right to deny the request.

1. DO NOT ask us to post a tutorial for a specific icon. We'll post tutorials when we feel like.
2. Tutorials are guidelines, DO NOT make the exact same icon posted in the tutorial. The point of a tutorial is to help you, not for you to rip off someone's style and copy everything exactly. Please be creative. The first sign we see of people abusing our tutorials, they will be taken down and we'll never make one again. Be mindful and respectful. Thank you.

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